what do you guys think of your dad’s (performance) tonight? (x)

tim duncan’s children are the most adorable humans ever

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Anonymous said: Have you ever thought of moving? Or are you too emotionally attached to Virginia? I feel like I can see you happy in the northwest. Like Seattle or Portland.

to be totally honest with you, i have almost no emotional attachment to virginia or the east coast. I’ve lived 6 years of my life in the roughly 200 mile span between Durham, NC and Richmond, VA. I like both of these places, but I still don’t really feel attached. part of this is my ever-changing friends, who are generally transient — of the people i know well in richmond, i’ve only known a single one for more than a year. he’s a 34 year old ex-military coworker who I see 2-3 times a year. yep.

the main impediment to moving away has been my job and my house. a little over a year ago i bought a house, with the thought being that when i inevitably move i can use it as a rental property, and that in the long run it’d be a better financial bet while I get my masters. that thought still exists, but the actual physical costs of moving — now that i have a whole house’s worth of accumulated accoutrements — is getting up there, and it’s a hassle I don’t know if I’m ready for.

another big one? my job. technically, I’m not actually qualified for my current job — they generally only hire people with a post-bachelor degree (either masters or PhD) but were willing to look the other way with me because of my publication-in-queue. but while I was working my author status on that publication got pushed to 3rd author (which was REALLY AGGRAVATING. that was my thesis, damnit!) and all of the outside interviews I’ve had since joining my current company have come down to the fact that I’m not technically qualified for positions that my experience demands I fill.

this is one of the many reasons I want to get a masters, even if I undoubtedly got a masters-level education during my undergrad (what with my thesis and ridiculously high level stat courseload combined with my work experience). just sort of a proof of concept that I am without question qualified for the job I’ve had for three years. if I can wrangle a promotion to manager or senior manager before I move on from my current company, that’ll probably help me just as much as getting my post-bac degree would. then I can finally move back west. hopefully.

long story short? yes. and when friends of mine get jobs at google I get super jealous of them. and my girlfriend has said that she’d be willing to move with me, so my only real hangups are a) my home is tough to move on from, although once i hit 2-3 years living here I’ll probably start job hunting for real and b) comparable jobs to my current one won’t hire me because they inexplicably fear I don’t have the chops. alas.

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What if Jinora narrates the Book 4 opening




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random Legend of Korra Finale thought

what if the semi-random appearance of Iroh in The Ultimatum wasn’t JUST a reminder to Korra that Aang’s friends still existed in the world? what if it’s also a reminder to the audience that characters can separate from their physical bodies and live on in the spirit world?

so… what if Tenzin sees that Korra is about to give herself up to the red lotus and chooses to ascend to the spirit world instead of letting himself be Zaheer’s leverage over Korra?

while I really hope he doesn’t die, I have a feeling that if he does it’ll be something like this, where it was his own sacrifice.

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Anonymous said: Are the gothic ginobili boys going back to vegas this year?????

given that vegas was a month ago, i’m pretty sure i should’ve answered this a while ago. but: there was one gothic ginobili boy in vegas, and it was me. and it was only for two days, and everyone was gone. :(

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Anonymous said: I've always liked you but I like to pretend I'm a child and hide and act like I don't. But whoever you marry will be a lucky woman. Just be happy okay?

i have no idea who sent this and no idea when it was sent, because apparently i haven’t gotten notifications for anonymous messages for months. but, uh… thanks, whoever this is. i’m going through a pretty deep depression right now and this helped me feel a little better.

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I was tagged by the amazing letmegiveyousomeadvicebastard to post 5 things about myself and tag 10 other people!

  1. I’ve got a wicked sweet tooth, but not really for chocolate or baked goods, just hard and chewy candies. And marzipan, mmmmmm.
  2. I have a problem with making characters TOO flawed,…

you totally coulda come up with a more interesting five things, gwen. I KNOW YOU, I KNOW YOU HAVE THE POWER. anyway, here are my five things about myself. note that these are all 100% accurate:

  1. when I was a very young child my dream was to create recipes for vegetarian frozen food that was delicious instead of terrible, then sell out and turn my frozen food company into a multinational corporation that had dancing pita bread as a logo. I was five.
  2. when I was a toddler, I once broke up a bar fight at a fancy restaurant while my parents were on a date by putting on a barista’s sunglasses and saying “cool it, dudes.” related story: I was born in california. 
  3. I used to be able to type 110 words per minute. now that my fingers are arthritic I’m not nearly the typist I once was (… that said, I still beat every secretary at the office whenever we have notetaking competitions). but man, my typing used to be otherworldly.
  4. for the first time in my life, I’m getting in shape! I’ve been to the gym at least 4 days a week every week for the last 4 months. it hasn’t made a huge impact (because I still don’t eat enough food) but perhaps someday my body image will stop being wack.
  5. i have a bad habit of falling asleep at very unfortunate times. if I die someday because I fell asleep in the wrong place, it wouldn’t be altogether unexpected. I’ve fallen asleep while: a) tied to a park bench in boston while it was 10 degrees F out (30 mins), b) inside my car with soaking wet shoes in subzero temperatures while drunk (3 hours), and c) in a >100 degree car with the windows up (almost 2 hours). seriously, I NEED TO STOP DOING THAT.

not gonna actually tag anyone, because I never tag people. what if they don’t want to do it?! but patrick, monique, corky, and zach should totally do this if they get the chance.

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Mass Effect Speed-painting

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